About Us


EconomicsWisconsin promotes economics education and financial literacy.  We are a statewide organization that offers programs for elementary and secondary teachers to assist them in educating students about the free market and free enterprise system.  We provide curricular resources, sponsors training seminars and provides classroom materials so teachers can provide turn key classroom practices and activities highlighted each school year by “The Stock Market Game” and “EconChallenge.”  

Founded in 1963, we are a non-profit, non-partisan organization and one of 48 state councils affiliated with the national Council for Economic Education.

Our Mission

Business and education coming together to provide resources to teach students financial literacy and economic understanding.

Our goal is to prepare Wisconsin’s next generation to:

  • Understand how our economy works.
  • Make informed choices as employees, managers, consumers and citizens.
  • Become knowledgeable and productive members of the workforce.
  • Maintain the institutions of democracy and a market economy.
  • Make Wisconsin’s businesses more competitive in today’s global economy.

Our Methods

EconomicsWisconsin accomplishes our mission by developing and conducting K-12 teacher education programs. Our goal is to provide comprehensive economic education to educators, develop and distribute high quality economic curriculum materials; provide curricula, teaching exercises and student competitions that augment existing curricula and instructional objectives, and encourage and reinforce the efforts of education professionals to bring economic understanding to the youth of Wisconsin. In addition, we develop and support educational programs aimed at Wisconsin’s opinion leaders and other targeted groups. We develop and advocate for the use of measurable outcomes to indicate program effectiveness.  We are proud to be a recent recipient of the Governor’s Award for Financial Literacy for our innovative methods and collaborating with others to measurably improve financial literacy in Wisconsin.