Message from the Executive Director

In my role at EconomicsWisconsin, I have a special opportunity to see into the work of educators around our state. You see the passion they have their work and their desire to truly impact the lives of the students in their classroom. Our state is proposing new guidelines that will guide educators in their teaching. I will not get into the measures and outcomes, but I will say that it is great to see the focus on economics and financial literacy directed at elementary students.

The change is necessary. We see higher rates of college loan delinquencies, low test performance on important economic concepts such as supply and demand, understanding terms like GDP and interest. If students cannot understand basic tenants of our economy, how can they thrive within it? Providing students with lessons in these areas will pay dividends in their future as a citizen, entrepreneur, consumer and employee. But it does create a challenge for educators to find the time and classroom resources to work new topics into a jam packed academic calendar.

Change is always a challenge, many times it happens with little support and short time frame. I am pleased to offer the support of EconomicsWisconsin. As an affiliate of the national Council for Economic Education, we can provide a myriad of resources to support educators teaching economics. Our award winning, EconEdlink has nearly 450 lesson plans, webinars and short videos for immediate use in the classroom. These economics lessons demonstrate the impact of markets and economics in history, civics and in public policy like the environment, recycling and minimum wage debates.

We can also offer year-long economics highly interactive lessons through our classroom mini-economy, online opportunities for middle and high school students through the Stock Market Game and the EconChallenge for high school economics. Every October, we bring together a cross-section of educators, college level professors and financial literacy experts at our summit in Green Bay where best practices are taught and shared with educators from every corner of the state. Change is easier with the support of others. EconomicsWisconsin can provide that support for a better future for Wisconsin students. Connect with us via social media or our monthly educator e-news.


Bob Glowacki