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EconomicsWisconsin and its Centers for Economic Education offer development programs and seminars to help teachers pass on economic information to their students in a fun and educational way. These seminars focus on Council for Economic Education curricula and help guide educators in streamlining these teachings in their present curriculum.

13th Annual Get Your Students Pumped Up for Personal Finance & Economics!

October 18, 2019 at Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI

This one-day conference is geared to support K-12 teachers and community outreach educators in improving the financial and economic literacy of individuals.

Among those presenting are college professors with expertise in personal financial and economics education, experienced K-12 teachers with years of teaching these disciplines, as well as financial industry professionals.  Many presentations will address the new standards for economics and financial literacy for K-12 schools.  Fifteen sessions will be offered throughout the day.

Great opportunity to network with others, learn new techniques and create a professional network.

Conference Keynote by Dr. Scott Niederjohn, Lakeland University

In a rational world that economic theory is based upon people should respond predictably to issues of scarcity to maximize their benefit.   Dr. Scott Niederjohn  draws on economic theory and cognitive psychology, exploring how human beings react in ways that are not always as rational as economics model predict.  Learn about the “cognitive short-cuts” human beings take that may undermine rational decision-making in some circumstances. Understanding this human element may lead to different ways to communicate costs and benefits to any audience from students in your class to marketing a product or program to your community.

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