Educator Training & Webinars

Along with the Stock Market Game, we offer an educator

training workshop. Our workshop on the Stock Market Game focuses on learning the basics of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds as well as running through the basic functions of the interface.

Our workshop goes well beyond learning about the Stock Market Game. You will learn the simple strategies to pass onto your students for building wealth over the long term and also learn how to help your students develop the real life skills they need to succeed – to be able to think and choose responsibly as consumers, savers, investors, citizens, members of the workforce and effective participants in a global economy.

2019 Spring Stock Market Game Workshop

January 18th at Lakeland University, Milwaukee, WI

  • This workshop will help to develop a clearer understanding of how to start the Stock Market Game in your classroom.
  • You will also learn how to play the game and be provided lessons you can use in your classroom.
  • Registration is $30.00 (but 100% refunded to you once you have attended the full day workshop).

Webinar Topics & Schedule

  • SMG Basics (30 min) – Getting Started, Teacher Support Center, & student portfolios
  • Basic Company Research (30 min) – using Yahoo and Nasdaq, basic terminology and company headlines will be reviewed
  • Weekly Portfolio Analysis (30 min) – team analysis of major indexes and portfolio holdings
  • Winning with Diversification (30 min) – strategies for building a diversified portfolio with stocks, bonds, ETF’s and mutual funds.
  • Let’s Trade Today! (30 min) – A quick overview of the SMG portfolio and how to get Stock Market Game students trading in their portfolio.
  • InvestWrite SMG Writing Project Webinars:
    1. How to InvestWrite (50 min)
    2. InvestWrite: Easy to Submit (30 min)
  • What is Sustainability (1hr) – the session will discuss its history and the differences between ESG Investing, Socially Responsible Investing and Impact Investing.


Date Time Title Registration Link
1/7 6:00pm SMG Basics
1/8 6:00pm Basic Company Research
1/9 7:30pm Weekly Portfolio Analysis
1/10 5:30pm SMG Basics
1/14 6:00pm SMG Basics
1/15 6:00pm Basic Company Research
1/17 5:30pm SMG Basics
1/17 7:30pm Winning with Diversification
1/22 6:00pm SMG Basics
1/24 5:30pm Basic Company Research
1/28 6:00pm SMG Basics
1/29 6:00pm SMG Basics
1/30 6:00pm How to InvestWrite
1/31 5:30pm Basic Company Research
2/4 6:00pm SMG Basics
2/5 4:30pm How to InvestWrite
2/5 6:00pm Basic Company Research
2/7 5:30pm SMG Basics
2/7 7:00pm How to InvestWrite
2/11 6:00pm Let’s Trade Today
2/12 6:00pm Basic Company Research
2/13 NOON How to InvestWrite
2/18 6:00pm Let’s Trade Today
2/18 7:30pm How to InvestWrite
2/19 6:00pm SMG Basics
2/20 4:00pm Weekly Portfolio Analysis
2/21 9:00am How to InvestWrite
2/21 5:30pm Basic Company Research
2/25 6:00pm Let’s Trade Today
2/26 6:00pm Basic Company Research
2/27 4:00pm Winning with Diversification
2/27 6:30pm How to InvestWrite
2/28 5:30pm SMG Basics
3/4 3:30pm How to InvestWrite
3/4 6:00pm Let’s Trade Today
3/6 4:00pm Weekly Portfolio Analysis
3/7 4:00pm How to InvestWrite
3/7 5:30pm SMG Basics
3/11 6:00pm Let’s Trade Today
3/12 6:00pm Basic Company Research
3/13 4:00pm Winning with Diversification
3/14 7:30am How to InvestWrite
3/14 5:30pm SMG Basics
3/18 6:00pm Let’s Trade Today
3/18 10:00pm InvestWrite: Easy to Submit
3/19 6:00pm Basic Company Research
3/20 6:00pm InvestWrite: Easy to Submit
3/21 5:30pm SMG Basics
3/25 9:00pm InvestWrite: Easy to Submit
3/27 7:00am InvestWrite: Easy to Submit
3/28 5:30pm InvestWrite: Easy to Submit
4/1 6:00pm Let’s Trade Today
4/2 6:00pm Basic Company Research
4/4 5:30pm SMG Basics

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