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Blog by Bob Glowacki, Executive Director

2020-No Looking Back

As 2020 starts, EconomicsWisconsin is not looking back, but charging ahead into the new year. We are offering new training opportunities and time-tested tools in economics and personal finance for K-12 teachers and their students from across the state as we roll into 2020.

  • Launching the inaugural, Wisconsin Economics Educators Forum in Waukesha geared toward high school economics teachers. This gathering will provide high level economics concepts for teachers and a special career panel for fields available to students interested in majoring in economics in college.
  • Presenting multiple economics-related sessions at the state social studies teacher conference in Madison which attracts 350 K-12 teachers from across the state for the first time in five years.
  • Partnering with the largest Catholic school system in our state to provide economics sessions for their social studies teachers, giving them lesson plans, resources and ideas to increase economics and personal finance offerings to their students.
  • Combining our teacher training with classroom online competitions, our interactive and engaging, Stock Market Game kicks off in mid-February with over 500 teams, culminating in the winning team members receiving a $500 cash prize to start saving for the future.
  • The Wisconsin EconChallenge, our state qualifying tournament for the National Economics Challenge starts in March. Our state winners will then compete in the National Semifinals against teams from across the United States. The top 8 teams in the country will have a college quiz bowl showdown in New York City on national television.
  • The result of a generous donor gift, we will be expanding our classroom mini-economy to additional schools educating over 100 elementary school students in the basics of understanding how to balance their needs and wants, the value of saving and how goods and services are delivered in our society. Each of our Milwaukee partner schools are integrating the classroom mini-economy into their school curriculum with the support of content expert from EconomicsWisconsin.

This all happens before the end of March! We have so much more that we want to accomplish to make our vision of educating every Wisconsin student in economics and personal finance. With support from people committed to economics and personal finance education, we can do even more for the next generation.