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Blog by Bob Glowacki, Executive Director

The first year of any role is experiencing the newness of almost every facet of your job. As a first year leader, every event, season and interaction is new to me. Board members and staff can tell you about an experience, but it is not the same as being there.

So last week was my first, “Get Your Students Pumped for Personal Finance Economics!” Conference at Lambeau Field. Yes, it was held at Lambeau and included a lunch program with Packers’ President, Mark Murphy. Did you know his undergraduate major was economics? He has been gracious to come down to our event and be a personal highlight for the teachers in the room. He took about 20 photos with teachers who back the Pack. Pretty cool!

I got plenty of steps in going from presentation to presentation. Here are just some examples of what I saw and heard:

  • I learned a number of credit unions have in-school branches to teach young people about saving.
  • Was amazed there is a website to show you how likely your job will taken over by artificial intelligence. Accountants have a 94% chance their jobs will be automated in the next 20 years.
  • Another presenter asked whether capitalism has any morality? Well, it does, but you had to be in Green Bay to get all the details.
  • Another set of educators spent the entire day learning about the Financial Fitness for Life course and how they can apply it in their classrooms.
  • Our keynote included a look at a blend of economics and human behavior. Want a good laugh? See how monkeys respond when they feel they have been unfairly treated. We are never far from acting like monkeys are we?

Finally, the last presentation ended. I waited near the exit to wish the attendees a safe trip home. Boy, did I get an earful. “I wait for this conference every year. I never miss it.” “I love being at Lambeau, it makes the conference special.” “I learned so much today, it was awesome!”

Another attendee sent us an email after the event that read in part: All and all it was a pleasure to attend this power-packed event! My takeaway can be summed up in this great quote from one of the presenters: “It’s not how much money you have, it’s what you do with the money you have.”

With over 90 teachers in attendance, teaching 100 or more students, the impact of the event will be felt across the state in their new lesson plans and new perspectives offered to their students. No matter what I was told in advance, I was not prepared for how good this event is for educators and the future of their students.