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Recent Economic Events: Video series created by Prof Bill Duddleston reviews economic events starting in the 1990’s and explores interest rates providing insights into what could come in today’s economic situation.

Professional Development Webinars for #elementary #teachers:
9/4: Monkey Business: Using Curious George for Personal Finance
9/13: Elmo-Nomics: Using Sesame Street to Teach Financial Literacy
9/20: Goods and Services for K-5

Special professional development for #Wisconsin middle and high school #teachers focused on financial education. The sessions will include techniques for teaching remotely including both strategies and resources.

FLIFEL provides learning opportunities. Content is designed for educators working in schools, higher education and community outreach programs. Feel confident and build knowledge and awareness to teach financial and economic topics.

Looking to meet the new #financial standards? The Stock Market Game meets #Wisconsin state standards in the areas of saving, investing, risk and money management. Over 600,000 students gain valuable life long skills. Scholarships available!

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