About Us

Our Mission

Empowering Wisconsin’s students to avoid poverty and achieve prosperity.

Our Vision

To create a more just, fair and inclusive future for students in the State of Wisconsin through the teaching of economics and financial literacy via programs we provide to educators. By means of these experiences our young people will enrich their own lives and the Wisconsin communities they call home.

Our Methods

We are a statewide organization that offers professional development for elementary and secondary teachers to assist them in educating students about economics and the free market, free enterprise system.  We provide curricular resources, sponsor workshops, seminars and classroom materials so teachers can provide turn key classroom practices and activities highlighted each school year by “The Stock Market Game” and “EconChallenge.”  

Founded in 1963, we are a non-profit, non-partisan organization and one of 48 state councils affiliated with the national Council for Economic Education.

We are proud to be a recent recipient of the Governor’s Award for Financial Literacy for our innovative methods and collaborating with others to measurably improve economic and financial literacy in Wisconsin.

Our Reach

Last school year, EconomicsWisconsin reached nearly 250,000 students through engaging competitions and 250 professional training offerings for educational professionals.  Nearly 7400 student participated in our competitions learning about markets, the economy and foundational concepts in economics and personal financial literacy.

EconomicsWisconsin Staff

Julie Glaunert

Executive Director
Office: (414) 221-9400


Board Chair – Cliff Henrickson

Vice Chair – James H. Hunter

Secretary – Charles R. Revie

Treasurer – Richard Hensley


Ariam Kesete

Dean Muller

Greg Charlesworth

James Nelsen

Kris McDaniel

Willie Johnson, Jr.

Sue Nelson

David Mitchell

Rodney Lynk

Thomas Myers

Eric Goldschmidt


Allan H. (Bud) Selig

Robert E. Harlan

Edward Zore

Mark Murphy