Classroom Mini-Economy

For financial education at an elementary school level, we are offer a specialized support to launch a class room mini-economy. This time-tested approach is an experience-based form of economics instruction in which students participate in a classroom economy so as to simulate real-world economic activity. The program is designed to teach the concepts of economics, personal finance, entrepreneurship and the role of government to elementary- or middle-school students. Conducted as a unit of study, this high-energy, interactive simulation focuses on economic education, financial literacy, classroom management and “real-world” market situations.

Students acquire multiple skills from participating in the Mini-Economy:

  • Goal-setting and responsibility
  • Cooperative learning
  • Experience with entrepreneurship in an authentic market situation
  • Creative problem-solving
  • Crossover instruction in language arts, math, art, and social studies

Contact us if you would like support and training to implement the mini-economy in your school or school district.